True Stories Live

I'm hosting a new night of true storytelling at Norwich Arts Centre, with Lucy Farrant and Pasco Q Kevlin.

The first ever True Stories Live was an unprecedented success. We had eight glorious speakers who told true, autobiographical stories on the theme of Lost and Found. I basically cried the whole night, in a good way. All the stories we heard were fascinating or moving or insightful or all three. Plus, they were funny – not because the tellers were trying to be hilarious but because the immediacy and vulnerability of the setup perfectly captured the hilarious absurdity of so much of life. To be able to come together in a room and share that sense that we’re all struggling with the same things is so silly and life-affirming and joyous. We can’t wait until the next one. We hope to get some similarly fascinating stories on the theme of ‘as the light fades.’ A slightly more abstract one, but as usual open to all kinds of interpretation. Send your short pitch to for the chance to speak. We welcome concepts from non-performers who’ve lived interesting lives. All ages very welcome.

True Stories Poster May 2016

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