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By Molly Naylor & Company

LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! was commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre, Southampton Nuffield Theatres and Norwich Arts Centre. It was originally conceived at This Is Tomorrow, a residency run by China Plate which brings together academics and artists in order to create work inspired by scientific concepts.

Performed by Karen Hill. Written and directed by Molly Naylor. Lighting by Sorcha Stott-Strzala. Video by Mark Hannant. Set and costume by Bethany Atkins. Sound by Molly Naylor. Supported using public funds from The National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Six months ago, renowned space scientist Maggie Hill launched a career-defining mission to find other habitable planets. It did not go well. Around the same time, her girlfriend stopped speaking to her. She doesn’t want to talk about either catastrophe, but she’s going to have to.

Maggie has been asked to give a lecture about her career, in order to inspire young women to work in science. She is also attending her first ever therapy session, in which she is at pains to state how her bipolar and her recent break up are not relevant to the conversation.

The show shifts between the lecture, the therapy session and a series of botched attempts to connect with her ex. The spaces overlap as we begin to build a picture of Maggie’s greatest achievements and biggest regrets. LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! is about the limits of communication, both interpersonal and intergalactic.


Poetry collection

Molly Naylor writes poems that speak frankly and boldly about learning how to live. Part confession, part manifesto; Badminton is a book that manages to celebrate humanity whilst despairing of its ugly bits.

Published by Burning Eye. Available to order here.

'Like all the best writers Molly Naylor makes it look easy. Here, in language as clear as a glass of water, are poems so intimately confessional we feel like intruders, and yet so generous, giving and warm we are honoured guests. Filled with hilarious observations on the minutiae of life, each revealing deep and personal truths, Badminton is a collection to return to over and over - and to share, share, share.'

Nathan Filer

True Stories Live

True Stories Live is a storytelling event at Norwich Arts Centre, co-created by Molly Naylor, LJHope Productions and Norwich Arts Centre. TSL invites people from all walks of life to tell their true, anecdotal stories in front of a warm and friendly crowd. Further info at

After Hours

After Hours is a Sky One comedy co-written with John Osborne. It was produced and directed by Craig Cash and stars Ardal O’Hanlon, Jaime Winstone and John Thomson. It aired in autumn 2015 and is available on Now TV.

If Destroyed Still True

IDST made its debut at the Forest Fringe in 2014. It featured a live score from Iain Ross (Bearsuit/Mega Emotion).

'Very funny, admirably honest'

 — The Independent

My Robot Heart

My Robot Heart sold out at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2012. It was a collaboration between Molly and indie-folk band The Middle Ones. It went on to tour nationally throughout 2013.

'This show sees theatre, live music and stand-up comedy in perfect harmony - never more one than the other - making it an ideal triptych of entertainment'

 — Metro

'An inverse rom-com that turns the mysteries of the human heart into a funny, touching, sad and life-affirming piece of theatre'

 — The Scotsman
 — Three Weeks
 — Fest
 — Total Theatre

Made Up

Made Up was an interactive storytelling project commissioned by MAYK and Theatre Bristol, created and delivered by Molly Naylor and Byron Vincent. It invited people from across Bristol to order a bespoke story for themselves, a family member, colleague or friend. Molly and Byron wrote and performed these taylor-made stories in a range of settings over the course of Mayfest 2012.

Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think Of You

Molly’s first live solo show, Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think Of You, debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010 and went on to tour internationally. She later adapted the show for radio, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2011. You can listen to it on Audible.

'A brave, funny, tough and beautiful piece of writing'

The Guardian

'Naylor writes with a poet’s ear for rhythm and metaphor, and delivers with a stand-up’s comic timing.'

Irish Times
 — The Telegraph
 — The Times
 — The Metro